CM-MSE (Termistör Röleleri Otomatik Reset, 1NA Kontak, 24V AC)

1SVR550805R9300 - CM-MSE - CM-MSE (Termistör Röleleri Otomatik Reset, 1NA Kontak, 24V AC)

Marka: ABB
Ürün Kodu: 1SVR550805R9300
EAN: 4013614348761
Catalog Description: CM-MSE Thermistor motor protection relay 1n/o, 24VAC


1SVR550805R9300 - 4013614348761

The CM-MSE relay is from the CM thermistor motor protection relay range. This relay operates with a rated control supply voltage of 24 V AC and has a 1 n/o output contact rated at 250 V / 4 A. It features one sensor circuit for monitoring of PTC temperature sensors or bimetals. This relay offers automatic reset and works according to the closed-circuit principle. A sealable transparent cover for protection against unauthorized changes is available as accessory

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