BMS313B16 (3X16A - 3kA - B Tipi Anahtarlı Otomatik Sigorta)

2CDS633031R0165 - BMS313B16 - BMS313B16 (3X16A - 3kA - B Tipi Anahtarlı Otomatik Sigorta)

Marka: ABB
Ürün Kodu: 2CDS633031R0165
EAN: 4016779044769
Catalog Description: BMS313B16 Miniature Circuit Breaker B-Char., 3kA, 16A, 3P


2CDS633031R0165 - 4016779044769

The basic M MCB series protects installations against overloads and short-circuits, guaranteeing reliability and safety of operations. ABB basic M series satisfies most common requirements in terms of MCBs, allowing the usage of different pole configurations, characteristics and rated currents for residential and commercial applications. This product is manufactured according to international IEC standards.

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